Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Commercial Trader "Harvested mat"

Due to a lack of space, Commercial Trader's application to attend the NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show was unsuccessful. Commercial Trader asked us to give them brand presence around the trade show in a way that would not create conflict with the organisers of the event. The NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show is attended by over 35.000 farmers from all over South Africa, so they decided to target the Bed & Breakfasts surrounding the show. They received permission from the B&Bs to place welcome mats outside bedroom doors. Each mat had a section shaved out of it, and a tractor strategically placed so that it looked like the tractor had harvested the mat. A copy of the Commercial Trader was left on the mat for the farmers to take home. Commercial Trader got to welcome the farmers before they'd even attended the event. Furthermore, those farmers now had the resource to find all the tractors and machinery they would encounter.

Agency: TBWA\Tequila Johannesburg, South Africa.