Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ACDelco "The book of YES"

ACDelco is the world’s largest car parts brand. An integrated campaign launched their new CAN DO attitude based on their promise: Yes, all cars, models & quality parts. Every employee had to fully understand this new philosophy. Everyone from manager to mechanic had to get inspired to live the new positive spirit. ACDelco handed out the book of YES to every employee – the fun version of a mission statement. The book of YES was small enough to fit into everyone’s pocket – from mechanic to manager. The book was fun and colorful and conveyed the new philosophy in an easy to grasp way for everyone. It was an easy-going manual for a new company spirit. ACDelco stated that the book of YES was a success. It fuelled an internal excitement and optimism that turned a year of recession into ACDelco’s most successful year in history with a sales increase of 28%.

Agency: Memac Ogilvy Dubai, United Arab Emirates.