Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Microsoft "Get a better view"

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of business software that helps integrate different departments and functions of a company onto a single-page interface. To pitch this product to businesses in the UAE, Microsoft wanted to send IT Managers communication that could demonstrate the properties of this software, and convince business decision-makers to call back and find out more about it. They based their idea on the insight that Microsoft Dynamics is something that can actually give you an overview of the office. It’s a product that helps you see exactly what’s going on in every department. So they gave IT Managers a box with a real wooden stool inside. The top of the stool had the entire message printed on it. And told them exactly how getting Microsoft Dynamics would help them ‘get an overview of the office.’ Until then, they could use the stool to do it instead. The whole product benefit is about getting a complete view. Their idea very strongly demonstrated how IT mangers could achieve this in a simple way – with the stool or with Microsoft Dynamics. It was a great giveaway as well because it was something that could be used around the office and with the message on top of it, the dynamics message would always be reiterated. The idea stood out from the clutter and surprised many of the recipients as they weren’t used to such communication. The stool became something handy to have around the office –and Microsoft got a record 34 enquiries out of 150 pieces sent.

Agency: Wunderman Dubai, United Arab Emirates.