Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zwitsal Zonnebrandweer “Sunburn fire brigade”

It seems quite logical that the sun doesn’t just shine on the beach. Still, a lot of parents fail to protect their kids’ skin when they take them somewhere else, like the park or the nearby playground. Zwitsal, Holland’s leading skin care brand for children, wants to address this problem. Especially as it supports our country’s most important cancer research fund KWF and has learned that 30% of Dutch children suffer from sunburn at least once a year, which greatly increases the risk of getting skin cancer at a later age. They introduced a special fire brigade that fights sunburn: the ‘Zwitsal Zonnebrandweer’ (a combination of the Dutch words for sunburn and fire brigade, zonnebrand and brandweer). Its task is to respond to sunny conditions and a high UV index, by driving to ‘hazardous areas’ and informing parents and kids about the importance of protecting their skin. Apart from that the fire truck is equipped with enough sunscreen to prevent possible emergencies and appeals to children of all ages.

Agency: Only Amsterdam, The Netherlands.