Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unicef "Book Of Days"

Get people to donate the R20 (2 Dollar) needed to feed a starving child 3 nutritious meals. There are two major issues. Firstly people don't know who to give their money to (in recent years hundreds of ineffective and fraudulent "welfare" organisations have popped up). Secondly, most of the time these people are being asked for donations in a brash and manipulated manner, leaving them on a quilt trip even after they have donated. They created a kineograph (the fancy word for "flip book") called "The Book Of Days". The book is designed to animate a child doing what healthy children do best - play. It starts with a few pages of an already completed character. However, most of the characters on the 365 pages is very light and almost not visible. Each page asks the reader to donate R20 to the Unicef SMS line, and to then trace one of the animations, and in doing so, see their child "live" for another day. To help the reader connect with the caracter in the book, they asked little children to tell them why people should help other people. The opposite page of each drawing holds their handwritten and insightful answers, each one more convincing than any copywriter could ever be. These books were placed in coffee shops, hotels and airline lounges.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg, South Africa.