Monday, April 06, 2009

Mizbala "Unconventional Stationery"

Mizbala is an Israeli based creative agency that specializes in creating unconventional campaigns such as Guerrilla & Experiential marketing for her clients. Biz card: The basic premise of their ideology is that "there is room for everyone". In order to demonstrate it, they chose to advertise other Israeli advertising agencies on the back of their business card. Each employee has different contacts. Invoice: Their huge A3 invoice serves as an everyday motivating reminder to their clients. It's their way of saying 'Don't be afraid to think BIG'. Stamp: Unconventional means different, so in order to say out load that they try their best to think differently, their corporate stamp imprints "NOT KOSHER" on every official document.

Agency: Mizbala, Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel.