Thursday, July 27, 2006

5FM “Lonely finger”

Radio station 5FM (known simply as 5) needed to attract younger, typically MTV generation listeners. They needed a campaign to appeal to them in a very specific manner using unexpected media. Coming out of the brand slogan ('Life's better with 5') we created an underground campaign around the website: the home of Lonely Finger. Using ambient and guerilla tactics we drove people to this site where they could interact with finger and download teaser movies to PC and mobile phone. Lonelyfinger was not linked to the station 'til 3 months later, where the finger found happiness with 4 other fingers, stating that Life's better with 5. The reveal changed the site to a happier one where the 60" film could be downloaded. It was also flighted on TV and Cinema. Lonely Finger achieved cult status in South Africa in under 3 months. The site got over 108,472 unique visitors.

Agency: Net#work BBDO, South Africa.