Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tooheys Dry Beer “Ted on tap”

Tooheys Extra Dry beer had been growing strongly in the Australian market appealing to youths in their 20s with its clean, crisp taste and urban credibility. Their task was to migrate the exclusivity of only being sold in bottles to the mass appeal of now being on tap in pubs and clubs. As part of our strategy to maintain our distance from other beers, Tooheys Extra Dry on tap was to be launched with a specially designed and highly desirable glass. This naturally led to the premise of the 'Stolen Glasses' campaign. The creative leap was born from the insight that our drinkers are well known to illicitly 'souvenir' beer glasses from pubs and clubs. The campaign included highly targeted media such as posters, press, venue ads, a website ( and over 100 'Stolen Glass Recovery Unit' patrol cars cruising the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Agency: BMF Sydney, Australia.