Monday, March 09, 2009

Iodex "Christmas Tree"

Iodex is a balm that helps alleviate back pain. Their competitor brand Siddhalepa is a multi-purpose rub. So their objective was to raise awareness of Iodex as the balm that specialises in relieving backaches. As an ambient idea for Iodex, they displayed Christmas trees in supermarkets and pharmacies during the season. Only the top half of the tree was decorated. The lower half, wich requires you to bend down to decorate, was left bare. The message below the tree read "Bless your back this Christmas. This piece of creative raised awareness about the specific attribute of the product. People took to it as a specialist in backaches. The pharmacies and supermarkets where trees were placed witnessed a welcome push in sales for the month of December.

Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy, Sri Lanka.