Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Belgacom TV "Better soccer for better television"

Belgian soccer is exclusively broadcast by Belgacom TV, a Belgian pay television network. Belgacom TV wanted to boost sales by sending out a mailing. But would this be sufficient? They came to the conclusion that Belgacom TV had one major problem: Belgian soccer is way too defensive and - as a consequence - boring. Who wants to pay money to see boring soccer? Now their product was optimised, it made sense to send out a mailing that boosted sales. It contained a personal copy of the charter: A collector’s item for every fan. A letter and brochure, explaining Belgacom TV’s offer, went with it. And this campaign boosted more than just sales. It boosted the entire Belgian soccer. Late December 2008, another column was written about it in Belgium’s biggest paper, with more than 1 million readers. That’s four months after the launch of the campaign. They needed to make Belgian soccer better to improve their product. How? By calling on the Belgian coaches’ sense of pride. In the past, they chose tactics which were proven too defensive. The League of Professional Clubs called the national sports press together. All coaches signed a charter called “straight on goal”, in which they promised to play more attractive, offensive and spectacular soccer. The charter got nationwide attention in the media. The start of the season became more attractive to look forward to. Only now it made sense to send out a mailing that boosted sales. Belgacom TV subscriptions increased by 17% compared to last year. Besides: Average 2.8 goals per game were scored (Premier League: 2.6). Discussion amongst fans continues: “Your team does/doesn’t play along the charter”. The campaign not only boosted sales, but the entire Belgian soccer. Bronze Cannes Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: Famous Brussels, Belgium.