Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nissan "Be the news"

They had the largest response for a newspaper promotion in Brazilian history, even among those that give away cars and TV sets. They doubled Brand Familiarity. Nissan made it to the front page two Sundays in a row. Also that day, thousands won the lottery, went on honeymoon, families got together again, children won olympic medals. People showed it to friends and family and will keep it with them for years to come. For the first time in its history, O Estado de Sao Paulo ran a blank front page. It invited readers to shift and come up with their own front-page stories. On the newspaper’s website, they could write their headlines and upload their photos. The next Sunday, every subscriber was front page news. On their doorstep, they got their paper with the cover they had made themselves. Nissan arrived late in Brazil and is still a small player there. They had to jump-start the brand’s relationship with Brazilian drivers and introduce the worldwide brand belief: SHIFT. For that we chose O Estado de Sao Paulo, one of Brazil’s largest papers, and the most important source for people buying cars. Their idea was to shift the way people relate to newspapers, making them be the news, instead of reading it and making them keep the paper instead of throwing it away. Gold Cannes Lions Media Winner.

Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA Sao Paulo, Brazil.