Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shiseido Skincare "Peace Mirror"

Women developing sensitive skin are on the rise in Japan because of stress, irregular living and working hours. Unfortunately, promises for better skin results and new product features are no longer trusted by them. They found that what they really need is stability of their skin. How can they once again attract these target women for a re-launch campaign of Shiseido “d-program”, the skincare brand for delicate skin? The best moment for a woman to think about her skin is when she is in front of the mirror, reflecting herself and watching how peaceful and stable her skin is. In fact, the most important thing for better skin is to watch, know and talk more about her skin in front of the mirror. They offered her an opportunity to have conversation with herself about her “Peace for Skin” and this opportunity to receive recommendation from herself, not by others. They developed an unprecedented direct marketing innovation - ”Peace Mirror”. We put them at sampling booths in several major train stations. By simply uploading the woman's photo, a 3D version of her face will move, talk and blink in the mirror and by answering 6 questions asked by herself, she can find out what her skin type is and receive the right product sample based on the result. Then, on her mobile phone, a 3D version of her face will recommend her to try “d-program”, and on the website a beauty expert will give her daily advice through the mirror according to her skin diary. The response of the “Peace Mirror” at the stations and on mobile phones has led to the increase of visitors to the website. They acquired more than 800,000 PV in just 1 month. As a consequence, this campaign resulted in a sales increase of 29% from the previous year. Silver Cannes Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo, Japan.