Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OVK "Let it Ring"

Calling and driving is responsible for more and more accidents a year in Belgium. OVK – Parents of Child Road Victims – wanted to make people aware of the danger. For people who’ve never experienced a road accident, calling and driving doesn’t seem something harmful. They wanted people to experience the direct consequences of their actions. An accident is always unexpected; therefore they chose an unexpected way to communicate their message. Through a partnership with Belgium’s most used video sharing website, GarageTV, we turned what seemed a normal internet video into an interactive experience. On the website www.letitring.be, anyone can send this video to their friends, by giving their e-mail address and cell phone number. Their friend receives an e-mail with a link suggestion to what seems a typical internet movie. What his friend doesn’t know, is that he is playing the main part in it. When he is watching the video, his cell phone starts ringing. If he picks up, he generates an accident in the viral movie. People saw the direct consequences of their actions, and they made them remember one message: Let it ring... They got the attention of thousands of persons, in only two weeks after launch. Numerous newspapers and blogs spread the message. And the campaign is still running... 2x Gold Cannes Lions Direct Winner & Gold Cannes Lions Promo Winner.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.