Monday, June 29, 2009

ARS Humano "Tags"

For the 2008 plans the client wanted to attack breast cancer with an action to be executed on October 19th, the day dedicated internationally to this cause. With a budget of approximately 5 thousand dollars the client asked for a campaign that promoted the self-evaluation test. The target audience was female across all the ages which were susceptible to breast cancer. The insight was based on the place and timing in which the activation took place. In order to try the piece of clothing you had to break and read the tag. All in the most ideal moment. Early cancer detection is the best way to save lives. The problem lies in the way in which past campaigns transmitted that message, because they never took into account the privacy and intimacy this simple process required. This one did. It started with a strategic negotiation with major lingerie stores in the country. They placed a tag that looked like it came with the garment in every bra in their inventory of a quarter of a million. Due to the difference in size and designs, the bra is the only piece of clothing that women have to try out before buying, which made this the perfect moment to perform the self-evaluation breast exam. In order to try out the bra women had to remove the label, when they opened it they found 4 simple steps to perform the examination. They didn’t have the opportunity to check the amount of women that performed the self-evaluation, but we did measure the amount of breast scans performed on ARS Humano Affiliates: an increase in 42% in comparison to last year. The action stirred the media and created free press in TV and radio shows. During October and November the amount of affiliates grew by 16%. All were women. Bronze Cannes Lions Media Winner.

Agency: Pagés BBDO Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.