Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Volkswagen "The Navigationletter"

Show in a smart way the reliability of Volkswagen Navigation Systems to all Volkswagen drivers still driving without Navigation System. On each envelope they printed the exact route from sender (Volkswagen) to recipient (Volkswagen client). With this visualization we proofed that you always get to your destination with Volkswagen Navigation System. Every route was calculated by a special software based on Google Maps which they installed at the Volkswagen Dialog Center. Every day hundreds of Volkswagen mailings are sent out to the clients – and reach their destination. Just as car drivers who certainly reach their destination thanks to Volkswagen Navigation Systems. They decided to turn each mailing envelope into a unique, personalized advertising space for free. It became a simple and clever method to show the reliability of Volkswagen Navigation Systems. During the promotion period 27,350 envelopes with personalized routes reached their destinations. The imprinted website www.volkswagen.de/navigation invited the recipients for getting more information. The click rate increased by 12%. Volkswagen Service sold 4.2% more Navigation Systems in the following months. Silver & Bronze Cannes Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany.