Tuesday, June 23, 2009

busuu.com "The Gomeran Whistle"

Busuu.com is a very useful website where you can learn any language online. However, the website was not very well known and did not receive many visits. The objective was to make the site known. They created a targeted way to reach the target audience: A cultural documentary focused on a very fun language where words are whistled instead of spoken. Busuu.com noticed this unknown language, getting the objective of making the web busuu.com famous. They decided to use a different format: A cultural documentary. As one can learn any language on the website, the documentary focused on a rather uncommon language, one that is only spoken in a remote island in the Canary Islands, where words are whistled instead of spoken: The Gomeran Whistle. They then designed a viral strategy to drive our audience towards the site and be out in the media, claiming a place for this language in UNESCO’s list of Cultural Heritage. - Visitors of the web increased 1500% in one week; - The documentary got 60,000 YouTube views; - With a budget of 20.000€, we got the web noticed in all the media in prime time (at news); - The web is very useful to learn languages. They only needed that people know it. With this campaign, they got that people visited the website. They actually learn languages on web. Silver Cannes Lions Direct winner.

Agency: La Despensa Madrid, Spain.