Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daimler "Flickr"

A campaign that strengthens customer loyalty by stage-setting the brand in a fascinating new way. The Flickr-Book shows a selection of the best Mercedes-photos made by Mercedes-fans and customers. The pictures reflect the enthusiasm of the brand Mercedes-Benz. On the photo website, there are well over 100,000 images taken by amateur photographers from all over the world that portray Mercedes automobiles au naturel, in an often spontaneous but always affectionate way. To compile the most off-beat Flickr photos in a coffee-table book. To this end, they asked selected photographers to send us their image and to tell us how it came about. They used both the image and the story without any additional editing. The Flickr book was sent out to existing customers of Mercedes-Benz. A response card was added to the mailing. With the response card the customers got the opportunity to order additional informations and were invited to register for the online portal "My Mercedes" to upload there own photos and share them with others Mercedes-Benz customers. A response card gave customers the opportunity to request additional information and encouraged them to register for the “My Mercedes” Mercedes-Benz online photo album. Many customers took up the invitation and submitted their own Mercedes photographs. And the photo album just keeps on growing, although precise response rates are not yet available. And there’s another pleasing development, albeit an unexpected one: The response from the Flickr community. Here, the book itself became a hot topic – in groups, maps, discussion forums and a host of links and images. The result: Contrary to the initial plan, a second edition of the Flickr book is to be published in 2009. Bronze Cannes Lions Direct Winner.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.