Thursday, June 25, 2009

Testicular Cancer Awareness "Check Them"

Testicular cancer awareness: - before campaign - 1% - post campaign - 74% - 11% increase in doctor visits. Their internet banners were clicked 1100% more then the regular banners, making regularly visited. More than 80% of the placed hands were taken away from the site. Men found the hand funny and informative, so they were taking it away. Scaring men with statistics was not the way to deliver the message. They wanted to do it in an unusual and funny way. They decided to give men a HAND! A HAND (promotional material) was offered to men on the all places they usually go: stadiums, gyms, barber shops, car wash, snooker rooms, sport betting places and in dressing rooms in shops. In Macedonian slang, testicles are also known as EGGS. They stamped the message on the eggs, sold at the local markets, using them as another media channel. All the materials were supported by an official website (proverigi = check them) containing more information about the testicular cancer. Internet banners, leading to their website, were placed on the most visited web sites in Macedonia. Men between the age of 15 and 40 are potential victims of testicular cancer. If it’s detected early, it’s successfully treated in 99% of the cases. This cancer can be easily detected with a simple self examination. Research has shown, that the awareness for this illness and its symptoms is very low. The challenge was to raise the awareness and to inform men how to detect it. The message was simple: You can easily detect testicular cancer with a simple self examination. BE BOLD, CHECK THEM! Gold Cannes Lions Media Winner.

Agency: McCann Erickson Skopje, Macedonia.