Wednesday, June 24, 2009

De Lijn "Business Cards"

De Lijn BUSiness cards: Bus company De Lijn replaced the business cards of its employees by personalized bus tickets. De Lijn wanted to recruit more travellers amongst middle class professionals, who rarely use public transport. The bus and tram tickets are made from paper and are about the same size as regular business cards. They created bus and business cards for workers at De Lijn with their name and personal details printed on. Since the original bus and tram ticket are used, you actually receive a free ride with a bus or tram as someone from De Lijn hands you over their business card. Therefore the baseline on each ‘bus ticket’ slash ‘business card’ reads: “You can always reach me with this card.” They pushed trial by replacing the business cards of 250 employees of De Lijn by real and personalized bus tickets. The employees were incited to hand these out to their business contacts, encouraging them to pay them another visit, using the bus. Business contacts could use the business card for 1 bus trip and keep it afterwards. The campaign is still running, but after three months already 1,047 cards had actually been used as a bus ticket. Which means that on average each employee has already generated more than 4 high quality leads. Bronze Cannes Lions Winner.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, Belgium.