Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pascall "When will the fruit burst"

Pascall Fruit Bursts are intense fruit flavoured sweets. The client asked them to create a campaign that would increase awareness and engage new and existing customers by restoring fun to the brand. Their strategy was to bring the product truth of ‘an intense fruit burst’ to life through a highly engaging piece of creative that their youthful consumers could actually interact with. With a product called Fruit Burst it couldn’t have been more relevant. They made a fun, engaging piece of communication that integrated the brand promise and created customer anticipation and involvement. They needed to generate mass reach with a limited budget and very little media. The projected response rate was for at least 3500 people to visit the website and the desired outcome to generate awareness and interaction. They literally demonstrated what a Fruit Burst tasted like by slowly inflating a giant strawberry filled with Fruit Bursts, on a billboard next to a giant pin. Then over the month of October they blew it up until it burst. A website with a live feed to the billboard gave the whole country the opportunity to guess the exact date and time it would burst to win $5000. Just one billboard managed, through media coverage, to reach millions worldwide. Website hits exceeded the client’s expectations by over 300%, with 81000 webpage views and over 11000 unique visitors. Thousands of people entered the competition making it one of Pascall’s most successful promotions ever. Brand awareness reached 93% and through brand tracking, purchases intent tripled over the course of the campaign. Bronze Cannes Lions Direct Winner & 2x Gold Cannes Lions Promo Winner.

Agency: DDB Auckland, New Zealand.