Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Step Carpet "Step On Step"

Step is a worldwide rug brand manufacturing high-quality rugs. The brief was to launch the “The New Silk-Collection Step Rugs” in the best way possible. Their target audience are wealthy and design-conscious new customers who have not experienced walking on a Step rug ever before. The main strategy is letting people actually EXPERIENCE this new collection and EXPERIENCE the brand. The name of the brand is Step. The object of the project is to make people step on these rugs. So the project name “Step on Step” worked perfectly for the branding and helped raise the awareness a lot. Even the project name itself made the brand more famous. Also, due to the economic crisis people go out shopping and visit the stores less and less. And this has been an opportunity to visit people who don’t visit them. The strength of the idea is letting people walk on Step rugs at their homes; experience them in their personal lives. They have seen that the fabric of this new selection is incredibly soft, pure silk. The challenge was, “How can you make people experience this softness, if they don’t come to your store?” You go to them! They decided to make an unconventional direct mail project. They wanted to communicate: Common Test-drive our Rugs. How? Wear these Rug Flip-flops! To make the project cool and highly appealing for the target audience they designed the packaging as well. To measure the effectiveness of the project they placed a coupon inside every package. People who came to the Step Stores with coupons got a 20% discount and free discovery from an interior designer. Step as a brand has a very niche target audience. They sent it to 400 people. They got 85% response on the project. 342 of these people bought a rug or an accessory from the Silk Collection. They also sent the flip flops to trend setters, celebrities and newspaper columnists. Spending only 5.000$ for the production they have reached over 100.000$ PR coverage in a month. Bronze Cannes Lions Winner.

Agency: TBWA\Instanbul, Turkey.