Sunday, December 02, 2007

Antral "Taxi Sign"

Antral is an association that represents most taxi companies in the country. Increase the demand for usage of taxis at night. Reach people that go out at night and drink at the exact place and time where they can decide to take a taxi instead of drunk-driving their cars back home. Yellow prisms were held out (with a magnet) to cars parked on streets of the major night spot in the city, making car rows look like a taxi park. On the back was written "If you've been drinking don't risk it. Call 7070 308 294" In the first night Antral registered an unexpected increase of almost 50% in their incoming calls between 0h00 and 4h00 am. In the following day the event was all over the news, and that all also gave Antral a leverage to negotiate with the Government regarding the use of public transportation. This initiative is now planned to expand to other cities in the country with the Government support. Silver Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: DraftFCB Lisbon, Portugal.