Sunday, December 02, 2007

Radio Energy "Letters Of Application"

Radio Energy Zurich is a hit radio station for young people. It has daily over 220,000 listeners. With this open-minded audience Radio Energy is intresting for many companies and their advertising. the target was to communicate: Companies who place their radio spots on Radio Energy sell products better. The most popular pop stars applied personally with a letter to Acompanies for a job as salesperson. In a typically commercial way to apply, they recommended themeselves as a lingerie salesperson (Robbie Wiliams), bad salesperson (Madonna), insurance salesperson (50 Cent) or a car slaesman (Snoop Dogg). The exceptional application letters caught enormous attention. The telephones at Radio Energy ran hot after the dispatch: 54% more bookings for radio spots compared to the period of previous year. Many companies booked their radio spots for the first time on this radio station. 2x Silver Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: Ruf Lanz Zurich, Switzerland.