Sunday, December 02, 2007

Colorama "Aerial cord"

Colorama is Sweden's largest chain of home decoration retail store. Their wide range of products includes paint, wallpapers, wooden flooring and tiles. during the year, Colorama has aired TV ads showing products samples in full screen, giving customers the unique possibility of testing the products directly on the wall etc. "Move the TV, in 2 minutes we'll be airing our latest shade of green". But even sweden has a few weeks of summer. What do we do when Colorama nee to sell outdoor paint? To announce that the outdoor paints will be airing soon, they rolled up a few meters of aeriel cord and sent it to customers that were registered with their local dealer as a house owner. The local dealers that used the direct campaign noticed a great difference in demand of colours shown on TV as well as more customers in the store. Sales for Colorama outdoor paints surpassed sales budget by 90%. Some customers even brought their cables and wanted longer ones, but that is a different story. Bronze Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: GOSS Gothenburg, Sweden.