Friday, December 14, 2007

Stiftung LebensBlicke "Colon Cancer Mailing"

As curtain raiser for "Colon Cancer Month" in March, Stiftung LebensBlicke, a foundation for the prevention of colon cancer, wanted to alert people to the "silent dancer" posed by colon cancer. The unnoticed growth of a colon tumor is physically visualized by unfolding of the mailing. At the same time, the messages build curiosity, what it's all about. The letter's unusual diminutive size - the minimum authorized by postal regulations - generates still more curiosity among recipients. The click rate of the LebensBlicke website increased by more than 20% during the period of the mailing. Subsuquently, an increase in incoming donations was also registered.

Agency: Y&R Frankfurt am Main, Germany.