Sunday, December 02, 2007

Volkswagen "Schlammer's Quest"

Establish Volkwagen’s image in Germany as "the people’s car“ in order to boost sales of the Golf. A story of epic dimensions, starring "the people’s man“: Horst Schlämmer – a popular character, played by a famous Comedian – goes for his driving licence. They used the internet to make the adventure come alive and accessible to everyone: our central platform was an elaborate video-blog, accompanied by podcasts, distribution through video-sharing-websites like youtube, extensive PR and media-coverage and a documentary website. - 4,270,000 page-impressions, - 4,730,000 video-downloads - after only two months - 90,000 qualified contacts - conversion rate of 12% - iTunes Podcast-charts: number one; blogscout-charts: number two - top issue in many blogs and online magazines - positive change of perception of the blogossphere concerning branded entertainment - high level of interactivity and identification with the story proved by numerous comments in the blog. 2x Gold Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: Tribal DDB, Germany.