Friday, December 21, 2007 "Promotional Campaign" is an online site selling... condoms. Trying to tackle the issues differently, a global positioning "Use it or get used to it" had to convince boys/men from 18 to 35 yrs old to use condoms and to buy them at Their aim was to get as many email addresses from their target market as possible. In order to do so, they used online, oofline and mobile advertising. The campaign was launched by offline direct mails sent to a bought, offline database of single men aged 18 to 35. The direct mail consisted of a birth announcement card with their name on it. So for one horrifying second they imagined they had a newborn baby coming their way! Until the flipped the card and read: " Use it or get used to it" Their next campaign was a viral or "member-gets-member" campaign. They invited visitors to go to On the site, people could see three film featuring three different girls. They could select a girl and send her little film to a friend. The film shows the girl talking about the fantastic night they once spent together and also the beatiful baby that came from it. The tagline finally reads " Use it or get used to it". The adresses they obtained in this way, led to futher off/online actions. offline, we sent a lawyer letter to their database regarding a Spanish woman claiming child support for the baby they have together. The back of the letter reads: " Use it or get used to it". Online they invited people to surf to and fill out the name and phone number of a friend. This friend will then recieve a phone call from a cute baby toddler asking to say hello to daddy, followed by an SMS saying " Use it or get used to it".
The result was amazing. Traffic to the website increased by 165% and obtained thousands of email addresses and phone numbers of potential clients. A number of worldwide blogs talked about the idea, wich helped to get the site known all over the world.

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium.