Friday, December 21, 2007

DACIA "The precise price comparison"

A complete estate car for the regular price of EUR 8,400. No other brand can compete with Renault's subsidiary brand DACIA when it comes to the price. The task was to demonstrate this in an obvious way at places where the target group mekes decisions about spending money. Precise price comparisons are the campaign's core element, whereever the campaign takes place. At the POS, special films for the in-store marketing show competitors estate cars for the equivalent price. In shopping areas the outdoor promotion compares the price of a DACIA to those of luxury goods. Internet teaser films prove how much car you can normally expect for EUR 8,400. And online banners compare the price on second-hand car pages. The number of visits to the DACIA website during the launch camppaign from 23 December 2006 to 31 March 2007 was then times higher than usual: 560,260 visits to the DACIA website generated 41,283 leads. That's an incredible conversion rate of 7,4%. All in all the DACIA launch resulted in 8,315 cars sold within the first three months. The original aim of 6,000 cars sold for the whole of 2007 was inmmediately changed to 13,000 cars.

Agency: Nordpol+Hamburg, Germany.