Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kids grow up with Complan.

While adults often try to look and feel younger, kids try to look bigger than they actually are. Shadows fascinate kids. In the background of this knowledge, they carried out a rather simple activity in the vicinity of schools, parks and shopping malls. A mall was covered with a backdrop that had a height measuring scale and Complan branding. In front of this backdrop, at a distance of approx. 7 feet, a source of light was placed on the ground level. Now when kids came to check their height they could also see their shadow bein formed on the Complan backdrop. Due to ground level light, as the kid would move towards the source of the light, the shadow on the backdrop keeps growing bigger and bigger. This created excitement amongst kids and parents, and re-emphasized the core brand message "Complan: Extra growing power" The spot became an attraction for every kid in the locality. Charmed by the shadow formation, kids wouls come (accompanied by their parents) and spend hours playing in front of the Complan backdrop, and scoring over each other on the height scale.

Agency: Leo Burnett, India.