Sunday, December 02, 2007

Playground "The worlds coolest fitting room"

The brief was to convince people that Playground was the place to visit when they needed a new warm winter jacket. The problem was that Playground is located on a small unknown street while most competitors are bigger and is situated on high streets. They developed "The worlds coolest fitting room" through 10m3 of snow and 200 kilos of dry ice. The temperature in the fitting room was -25 Celsius. The event was marketed through one ad in a daily paper and posters outside the store. Pictures of the fitting room were taken by the web cam and spread on the internet. The rumour was spread by word-of-mouth and through both radio and newspapers. It was relevant as people in Stockholm as this time of year (november) need to try very warm jacket to survive the long cold winter. The problem is that the temperature in the sores where you can find these warm jackets is higher than at home. The client Playground is owned by outdoor people. Guess if the liked to place loads of snow and ice into they're own store? They love it! The goals was to draw 100% more people into the Playground compared to an ordinary weekend. The results was close to 400% more customers and Playground sold more than 100% more jackets compared to the goal. Gold Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: Äkestam Holst, Sweden.