Monday, December 24, 2007

Ecover "Soft T-Shirt"

Ecover, supplier of ecological detergents and fabric softeners, this year appropriately sponsored the 10th edition of Laundry Day in Antwerp. Laundry Day is a young fashion and music festival that has grown from a tiny streetparty in the Kammenstraat into a huge city-festival hosting over 60 dj's on 't Eilandje. 10 Advertising was responsible for the original "Ecover, softens your clothes"-campaign in wich a bad-ass biker wears a shirt on wich the famous AC/DC-logo has been softened into "AB/BA". Limited edition t-shirts were distributed for free to the festival audience on Saterday September 1st and ran out of stock fast.

Agency: 10 Advertising Antwerp, Belgium.