Friday, December 14, 2007

Catsan Magazine.

When compared to other litters, research proves that Catsan lasts up to three times longer, has a higher absorption power of odours, and produces much less dust. All in all, it makes kitty's "bathroom" a much more pleasant place. The challenge, then, was to convince owners that Catsan is worth the higher purchase price. Cats will want to spend more time in the bathroom; and since reading in the toilet is common human behaviour, why not introduce cats to the same habit? They created a magazine catering to cats, adapted to their size, with articles and ads (both real and make-believe) aimed at them. For cat owners (and to push trial) they included an insert with discount coupons and a "torture test" device. Masterfoods received 800 of the "torture tests" back during the very first week.

Agency: OgilvyOne Lisbon, Portugal.