Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vedior "Test Box"

Whatever the disease that strikes, Vedior always reacts quickly on your needs. This message vedior - a temporary labour services company - wanted to communicate to HR managers. Vedior sent a "Test Box", offering HR Managers the opportunity to test the Vedior service. it contained 5 labo tubes, each filled with bacteria. Message: "Just test us. Infect your employess. And see how fast Vedior sends the perfect replacement". HR Managers adored the idea. 43% of them - all working in companies of +100 employees, Vedior's most important target group - made an appointment. The idea had an important impact on the brand image of Vedior. It proved the confidence of the company: "Just test us. You will see: we send you the right temporary worker, Whatever the disease, whenever it happens". Bronze Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: I DO Brussels, Belgium.