Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mailing "Slim, Slimmer, Dead"

Hundreds of thousands of woman suffer from anorexia. Many die as a result of this illness. And yet the fashion industry continues to insist on ever thinner models. This callousness was something the self-help internet forum "" wanted to bring to the attention of the public. A mailing sent to Karl Lagerfeld, Heidi Klum and other celebrities in the industry. The package was disquised as a sample designer belt "for inspection" wich dramatically demonstrates the deadly consequences of the fashion trends of the last yeards. A booklet explained the dangers of anorexia and invited the celebrities to partcipate in a debate on's online forum. On the one hand, the media reports in newspapers and the marketing trade press led to an increase of visitors to of 25% and the number of registered users in the forum by 15% wich exceeded expectations. On the other hand, celebrities and fashion editors reacted angrily and negatively (including Heidi Klum's manager) wich unfortunately confirmed expectations. Silver Eurobest Winner 2007.

Agency: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany.