Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Orange Babies "Donation TV"

To raise funds and create awareness about HIV-infected African mothers and their babies for the charity, Orange Babies, at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam. They had to maximise a modest budget to compete with spectacular stands. The Orange Babies stand featured an interactive video screen showing a crying baby. When a visitor punt in coins or notes, the baby stopped crying and started giggling. Everything focused on the motto. "Your donation makes the difference". Visitors approaching the stand received the Bluetooth message, "Do you hear a baby crying? Let her smile again. Orange Babies". The redemption rate of the downloaded Bluetooth image call to action was 8,3%. Visitors became aware of Orange Babies projects in a unique and playful manner. Orange Babies raised 45,000 Euro at the fair.

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam, The Netherlands.