Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fragile Eggs

The Swiss accident prevention point initiates to wear a bicycle helmet. because in Switzerland this is not compulsive. This canpaign had to demonstrate how fragile the human head is. The beginning of the bike season in spring is at the same time as the easter festivities. At the easter celebration the Swiss give away painted easter eggs. This rite was used suprisingly: 200,000 eggs with painted human faces on them were distibuted on the streets. The surprising analogy made bicycle riders reflect. Teachers even integrated this subject into instruction. The quota of people wearing bicycle helmets in Switzerland reached a record in 2007: from 33% to 39%. An increase of 6% (the increase in previous years was +1% to 1,5%). Several newspapers and radio stations reported and multiplied the advertising effect.

Agency: Ruf Lanz Zurich, Switzerland.