Friday, December 07, 2007

ChildBook UNICEF.

Unicef wanted to touch directly young parents and sensibly them to the fact that million babies in the world die each year, in order to collect money. Unicef also wanted to be coherent with the above-the-line-campaign. This action took place in the most popular library in brussels, at the childeren book department. They inserted a "The End" page just after the first page of several childeren books. So that when you begin to read the book, the end arrives directly. As reading a book to a young child is a mother's or father's job, they can't miss the message back home. Very positive feedback from the customers and PR coverage in newspapers and magazines. Other libraries are intrested in implementing this action. Unicef is very pleased with the first reactions and the coherence with the campaign.

Agency: Publicis Brussels, Belgium.