Sunday, December 07, 2008

Clear Vision in snow and ice.

Increase awareness of the market leader ALPINA. Demonstrate the product benefits in an attention-grabbing way and increase sales in the local area. The best way to demonstrate the product benefits was to show how the product works under real life circumstances. In order to achieve more attention they just made it a little bigger. So Winter sports enthusiasts experienced the ski goggle’s benefit right where the product was needed. In icy evening temperatures, ALPINA fitted oversized ski goggles to the windscreens of parked cars in ski resorts. Owners who went out to their cars in the morning could see for themselves that ALPINA ski goggles give you “clearer vision in snow and ice” on any slope. In addition to this, ski goggle flyers were placed on the driver’s side on the cars, advertising a special offer on ALPINA ski goggles at local sports shops. The media idea pointed directly at the target group – without any waste coverage. Skiers experienced the product’s benefit right when they were about to drive to the slope. An increase of sales figures up to 50 % above normal of ALPINA ski goggles in the local sports shops.

Agency: Scholz & Friends Dialog Group Hamburg, Germany.