Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mercedes-Benz "Clean Wall"

The aim was to show the public at large what an important contribution to protecting the environment Mercedes-Benz makes with the Atego (the “urban truck”) with BlueTec, the world’s cleanest diesel technology. What is the best and simplest way to demonstrate what BlueTec means for our cities? By showing how their cities would look if all trucks were as clean as those of Mercedes-Benz. Very directly, wherever dirt and pollution are especially evident for all to see – on walls right next to busy roads. Using a high-pressure cleaner, walls next to busy roads in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart were cleaned in such a way that the shape of an Atego appeared. The accompanying headline read: “The Atego. Now with BlueTec 5. Making our cities cleaner again.” Their solution was effective for two reasons. First, because even the making-of in itself aroused a great deal of attention (crane, workers, action). And secondly, because the idea is as simple as it’s unusual, with a very distinct “before” and “after” effect which delivered direct proof that the city is cleaner with Mercedes-Benz trucks. At the same time, road haulage companies and business owner-drivers were to be addressed through the choice of locations (industrial estates, etc.). The success: Resounding media response and significant increase in demand for information and interest in the Atego at dealerships during the campaign period.

Agency: BBDO Stuttgart, Germany.