Thursday, December 11, 2008

Schwarzkopf "Back to Black"

They were asked to develop a dialogue marketing promotion which communicated the product benefit of Schwarzkopf Re-Nature, which aroused curiosity about the product and generated as many requests for Re-Nature samples as possible. Re-Nature is a regimentation crème which gradually restores the original natural tone to grey hair. Their mailing focused on this product benefit quite simply by illustrating the result as a progression from light grey to black, beginning the text very timidly and becoming increasingly confident. This enables us not only to highlight the external appearance but also to dramatise the confidence regained thanks to Re-Nature. In particular, the traditional letter itself becomes the whole message, with an entertaining product presentation. The Success: As simple as it is successful. A high response rate was achieved; 9.4% ordered the sample of Re-Nature by e-mail.

Agency: DDB Hamburg, Germany.