Thursday, December 04, 2008

Komatsu "X-Treme Precision"

Komatsu, a major player in construction machinery & vehicles, is well known for its powerful, huge construction machines. In Belgium they have surprisingly few costumers. In fact, in Belgium, they are only 5 companies big enough to be key prospects. So, wich sort of mail can you do to only 5 companies. Komatsu wanted to increase the awareness of their range of precision machinery. They hired the Komatsu stuntteam. For their 5 key prospects they would do something they never tried before: send them a direct mail in envelope. This is how it works: prospect receives an envelope with nothing but a web link inside: When he types this into his browser, a movie opens. In this movie he can see how the envelop he just opened is carried by a big Komatsu construction machine. The machine drives to his - clearly recognizable - company and drops the envelop in his mailbox. Pay off dear mister 'prospect', if you need extreme precision, just give us a call. All 5 key prospects are now good Komatsu clients. That's a 100% score.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.