Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fisk Idag "Extinct Recipes"

Fisk Idag (Fish Today) is one of Sweden´s largest wholesale fishmongers, selling to restaurants all over the country. The debate about excess fishing and rouge fishing is affecting the industry and there are too many irresponsible suppliers. Fisk Idag decided to target their campaign at restaurants managers and explain their moral stand. And what potential customers could do to save the endangered fish. Rouge fishing leads to fish depletion. Without the fish, cooks can no longer cook. By tearing out fish recipes from the cookbook the recipient will be brutally awaken of what wwill happen if they do not change their behavior. Fisk Idag offers a solution and lots of good alternatives to the endangered fish. A cookbook with the fish recipes torned out, was sent out to Sweden´s best-known fishrestaurants. The torn out recipes was to symbolize the scary future. The accompanying letter explained that Fisk Idag has alternatives to the endangered fish. Together, Fisk Idag and their customers can change the future so that we can enjoy the recipes in the future. Today, 60% of the restaurants they sent out the book to are Fisk Idag´s customers. The company is continuing talks with all the recipients. Debates abound in the industry about overfishing and sustainable ecological alternatives.

Agency: ANR.BBDO Gothenburg, Sweden.