Thursday, December 04, 2008

BBDO "World's first napkin book"

In German Advertising there is a lack of talented young copywriters. BBDO took up the challenge and started to recruit literature students as junior copywriters. The objective was to get job applications from an exciting, new source of talent. On the one hand the creative execution should come across as a spontaneous drawing on a napkin, done by somebody bored while he or she was having lunch at the cafeteria. While on the other hand, the self-drawn illustrations, with the handwritten typopgraphy, should show how much effort was put in producing this special medium for recruiting new Junior Copywriters at BBDO. In order to reach the literature students, they decided to scribble their message on a napkin. “The world’s first napkin book” was created. The students picked it up in the campus cafeteria along with their lunch. The napkin book celebrates love of the written word and how one can make it their profession. BBDO Düsseldorf received over a hundred job applications from interested, young literature students. This was 15 times greater than the previous months’ total applications. The agency was introduced to fresh talent who, without this promotion, never would have considered working in advertising.

Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany.