Friday, December 05, 2008

Lunds Energi "Broadband Contract Change"

To get commissioners of building projects and real estate owners to observe the advantages of Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät’s broadband solutions. The idea vizualizes that you can actually change the broadband contract you have with Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät. It is a big advantage for the customer. The letter is handwritten with a graphite pencil and the letter also contains an eraser. Target group is real estate owners and commissioners of building projects. The decicion-making process is very long and the oppotunities to make a deal is very few. The main target group contains 44 people. If Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät makes one new deal they are satisfied. It is also importnat to them to bulild good business relations for the future. 44 letters has been sent. The follow up is still under process and until today they have reached 70% of the receivers. It has generated positive conversations with 80 % and 12 % of them have already asked for a qoutation. Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät has built a lot of good businessrelations that will maintain thanks to their communication.

Agency: The Fan Club Malmo, Sweden.