Friday, December 05, 2008

DHL "Box Inlay"

Inform existing DHL clients about the new improved Asia service, which means sending goods from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in a superfast and sharply price way. DHL clients use special DHL boxes for their shipments. Just phoning DHL is enough to get the boxes delivered within a day, totally free of charge and ready to use. It seems to be the ideal moment to communicate the Asia service, because they can reach exactly their target audience, people who already use DHL. The inlay gets visible at the moment clients fill the box with their goods. The ultimate cheap and convincing way to advertise a relevant message. They provided DHL boxes with a very special inlay. The inlay, at the bottom of the box, shows another open box and together they make a long 'tunnel'. At the end of the 'tunnel' there is an Asian person handing over something. In the 'Hong Kong version the Asian person hands over a toy box, in the Shanghai version a laptop and in the Beijing version a shoe. The text says; The fastest way to Hong Kong/Shanghai/Beijing. Take a look at to see our sharp prices. Because the boxes are sent to clients who ask for one, chances are that the full 100% of the target audience will see the message. Boxes are already distributed so the only extra investment is the inlay. It is a simple 46x32 cm paper that is put inside the box. Approximately 65.000 boxes are distributed every month by DHL. Halfway August 2008 they started distributing the boxes with the inlays inside and they can see an 3% increase of sales in September 2008. Ofcourse this 3% sales increase is about the specific Asia service and they expect more increase in the future since clients use the Asia service only at the moment they need it, which can be any date from now.

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam, The Netherlands.