Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fiat 500 "Interactive Poster"

The communication goal was to demonstrate that the Fiat 500 isn’t only a lifeless article, but rather a character, a real person full with life, so that the consumer can get in touch with it. To bring him to life, they brought together for the very first time in Germany four media channels – billboard, LCD ticker, text messaging and internet. Location: Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. Billboard size: 2 posters, 20 x 30 metres each. Passers-by could text a message, then read it on the billboard’s LCD ticker just minutes later. One person even texted a marriage proposal! The billboard was flanked by online activities. The Fiat homepage ran a live feed to the billboard, and visitors were able to publish their own text messages on the LCD ticker in Berlin too. On Location in Berlin people could send SMS messages. Also they could send messages by the Net. Different newspapers reported on the Fiat 500 Megaposter. The target audience is between 18 and 35, perfect for this media strategy. The ones who sended a SMS, became a SMS-answer in return. Part of this SMS was a hotline, giving the possibility to book a test drive. Over 1000 SMS were send, 82 test drives were booked, adress data were collected. Different newspapers reported on the Fiat 500 Megaposter. A man even proposed marriage to his girlfriend via LCD Mega Poster. In answer to that, Fiat started a successfully search for the couple via SMS Ticker themselves. The wedding car was a Fiat 500 sponsored by Fiat.

Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt, Germany.