Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mercedes-Benz GL.

The communication goal was to introduce the Dutch affluent to the luxurious the Mercedes GL, in a typical Dutch Calvinistic way. In their innovative media strategy they placed outdoor media in 10 of the richest communities in The Netherlands. By personalizing every poster and therefore appealing this affluent society in a very personal way, they used the typical Dutch consumer insight; the Dutch want to show their wealth but not in a posh extravagant way. In their creative execution they simply pictured the Mercedes GLK and its price tag, combined with the personalized message. The message was placed in outdoor media neighboring the houses of those addressed. This strategy resulted to engage the consumer in the most confronting way. This campaign was both aired through personalized outdoor media, and placed in strictly local newspapers of the 10 most fortunate communities. Therefore the campaign on the one side reached the targeted audience, and on the other reached their ‘wannabe rich’ counterparts, influencing their opinions too. The goal of this campaign was a sale of at least 4 Mercedes GL’s amongst a niche audience, the happy view who can afford almost 200.000 euro on a car. During the 2 weeks of the run of this mini campaign sales went up to a total of 12 cars (300% of clients demand). Furthermore, the demand of the personalized posters among those addressed at Mercedes headquarters was overwhelming. Concluding, the campaign resulted in numerous more test drives and possibly more sales in the future.

FHV BBDO Amsterdam, The Netherlands.