Sunday, December 07, 2008

Smart "How Smart cleans the city"

Demonstrate the advantage of the new smart mhd with start-stop-generator: It reduces emissions significant and thus prevents unnecessary pollution. To show people how polluted cities actually are and – in contrast to that – how clean they could be, they used the city itself as medium. And by the way with an environmental friendly method.
They pictured the outlines of a smart fortwo with a high-pressure-cleaner on walls in big cities, telling the clear message: For a cleaner city. The new smart mhd. People – mostly car owners – who live in the city and are concerned about the increasing problem of emissions and environmental pollution. Pedestrians stopped, palpated the walls, took closer looks and photographs. Thus the campaign raised great awareness and became talk of the town immediately.

Agency: BBDO Dusseldorf, Germany.