Sunday, December 07, 2008

Toblerone "Centenary"

Toblerone, the premium Swiss chocolate, was celebrating 100 years of proudly made chocolate. The brand was losing its emotional connection with its main target, mid to high income women with families who adore chocolate. These women had positive feelings towards the brand but they thought of it more as a gift than as a personal treat. They also set out to re-connect the Swiss with a piece of their heritage. The locals and traveling tourists alike were invited to share in Toblerone’s milestone with the launch of the centenary limited edition. The campaign’s theme was the celebrations of Toblerone’s Centennial year. They tapped into the strength and emotion of local pride to make it BIG. Four cities, Genf, Basel, Bern and Zurich, were put to the test. The challenge was to build a Toblerone tower in the shortest possible time. The tour competition was communicated with a press conference, press ads, mailings and TV commercials. The winner city enjoyed a final Schoggifest (choco-party) with a 100kg Toblerone bar for all to share. The biggest in the brand history that made Berners and the whole Switzerland to be proud of. More than 40,000 people helped to build the iconic towers 500,000 visitors to the exhibitions Massive media coverage valued in ChF 2 millions! 60% Centenary Brand Awareness 20% sales up in Switzerland Sales in Zurich airport + 39% 15,000 plus visitors in the final event.

Agency: B6 Brand Emotion AG, Switserland.