Friday, December 05, 2008

Serviceplan "Dedication CD's"

Find creatives for the advertising agency Serviceplan Hamburg who would give everything for an idea. The poster showed, just how passionate and sacrificial Serviceplan is about creative work. They really give everything! And so made the point that we don’t want any employees who just work for money. But for fame and glory. For idealistic reasons. For the creative work itself. They made a poster, where their own creatives gave everything: Their art director's complete music collection? including 1,184 original music CDs? was really installed on the poster. The poster was installed at design academies. And there was a dispenser with response elements and the solution: 'Serviceplan is looking for creatives who give everything for an idea.' A job application increase of over 300%. And extremely positive creative feedback.

Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg, Germany.